So I am running on a 300 Watt Sine Wave Inverter now

18 03 2010

You know after a while I downgraded my inverter to more match my needs and my power production capability. I decided against installing the windmill as it would be too loud for my neighbors. I went to the local marina after hearing that a neighbor had an Air X 400 installed on their sail boat.

300 Watt Sine Wave power inverter

See the remote port on this inverter

Remote port on this inverter is the green socket on left. Just put in remote mode and use light switch to turn ON and OFF

So after visiting on a pretty windy day I decided it would be to loud for my neighbors only 25 Feet Away.

So my solar panels are the only charging system I have. I am able to get a pretty good run most days.

I am currently running a laptop, 23 inch LCD monitor, HP 8500 Wireless, and Kyocera Wirelss hub.

I like this is inverter because I have wired a switch to shut off at end of the day. It is a neat feature to put the inverter in remote mode and use regular light switch for a remote.




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