Got the solar installed!

12 08 2009

I now have 220 Watts of solar powering my garage. I have more solar but need more time to get them installed.

Here is what i did:

I used two 110 watt solar panels. These were great, but I may switch to the new 95 watt panels for additional growth. The 95 watt solar panels are smaller and more efficent.

So I mounted the 2 panels on the roof using roof sealant and included solar kit brackets. These brackets were screwed straight into roof rafters.

I then used branch connectors to tie the panels together and ran down my MC cable to inside of garage. This is where i tied into my charge controller.

From the charge controller I ran the lead to the battery bank outside.

From the battery bank, I connected the power inverter. I did this using a set of cables connected to the battery and run back inside.

This system is working great. I only have enough power to run my Computer, Router, Printer, and 24″ monitor for 8 hours per day. Since I don’t often work any longer, it has worked out great. So far I have only lost power one time. (Forgot to turn off Power inverter at night)

New 95 watt Solar panel




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